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Gym Rules

1. Be on time.


CrossFit contains technical movements that require your mind to be focused and your body to be primed. Therefore, it’s critical that you arrive on time so you can listen to the coach's brief, learn how to perform the movements safely, determine an appropriate weight, consider modifications that may be necessary for your skill level or injury history, and then participate in the coach-led warm-up. Where possible, we strongly recommend arriving 10-15 minutes early so you can complete prehab exercises. We understand that from time to time outside items might cause you to arrive slightly late, please make your way in and check with the coach first so they can bring you up to speed.


 2. Let our coaches coach.


Our Athletes look out for one another, and that contributes to the team environment and community atmosphere we know and love. While support is great, giving technical advice and coaching to your fellow athletes is not. We aim to have the best coaches available, all of whom have a comprehensive knowledge of the ROCKS program and how it can safely be applied to our members. 

 3. Check your ego at the door.


Often, people enter the gym with predisposed ideas of what weights they should lift or, in an effort to keep up with somebody else, they’ll attempt weights that exceed their ability. Safety and quality of movement are of critical importance to use. As a result, you will only be permitted to increase weight and intensity once you have demonstrated proficiency in a movement. Please respect your coaches and their judgment. We are not trying to hold you back – we just want you to progress in the most safe and efficient way.


 4. Support your fellow members.


The best sessions occur when everyone supports each other. It’s amazing to see how well people respond when other athletes offer encouragement when they need it most. While we train as individuals, we workout as a team. Only pack away your gear when EVERYONE has finished the workout and then get around for fist pumps and high fives to support your fellow teammates.


 5. Follow the program.


We are a coaching facility; thus, everyone is expected to follow the daily ROCKS programming during sessions 


 6. Pack your gear away.


Our athletes take pride in training at Rocks CrossFit. It is their home away from home, and they treat it as such. Please pack all equipment away at the conclusion of your workout.


 7. Listen to your body.


Everyone will experience a little niggle from time to time. If you have an injury, regardless of its magnitude, you must let your coaches know before the session starts. That way, our coaches can tailor the session to what is appropriate for your unique needs, rather than you trying to keep up with the rest of the group and risking further injury. 


 8. Understand Open Gym.


Open gym times are on the schedule to allow athletes to come in and work on skills, perform active recovery/mobility sessions, or complete accessory work they have been given by a ROCKS coach.


 10. Enjoy the community.


The unique advantage of CrossFit is the community aspect of the program. To get the most out of your CrossFit experience, make an effort to meet your fellow athletes and get to know them. This will make everyone's experience much more enjoyable, and don’t be surprised if you make some lifetime friends!


 Thank you for your understanding of these rules so we can make it a safe, enjoyable, and rewarding environment for everyone.

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