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Terms & Conditions

Membership Payment
Members are required to provide a current and valid bank account/credit/ debit card on to Rocks Crossfit to process all membership payments.
Stripe Fees
Stripe fees are to be paid by members in addition to membership prices. 
These fees are managed by stripe and are deducted automatically. Rocks CrossFit is unable to control or reverse failed transaction fees.
Rocks CrossFit recommends members set up a monthly direct debit to minimise bank account and credit card fees. Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your account when membership fees are due to avoid failed transaction fees.
Automatic Renewal
Once your membership contract term is finished, you will automatically be renewed under the initial terms of your membership for a consecutive term, until a formal request for cancellation is given. If you do not wish to renew your membership, 14 days’ notice is required via an email to or alternatively, completion of a Cancellation Form at the box.
On-hold request
Members on a contract can place their membership on hold once during the contract period, for a minimum 2 weeks and maximum 12 weeks at a time. The duration of the hold will be added onto the end of the contract, extending out the contract end date.
Members on a non-contract membership can place their membership on hold once a year for a minimum 2 weeks at a time and a maximum 4 weeks at a time.
7 days’ notice must be provided with a specified start and end date for the hold. Payments will automatically resume from the specified end date.
Cancellation Policy
All membership cancellations require 14 days written notice to or alternatively a cancellation form at the box.
Cancellation Fees
Our contract memberships are designed to reward members for their ongoing commitment. If members wish to cancel their membership before the agreed contract end date, a one-off early cancellation fee will apply. A fee of 50% of the remaining contract length will be charged  The cancellation fee or remainder of contract fees must be paid within 7 days of cancellation notification. No cancellation fees are applicable for non-contract memberships; however 14 days’ notice must be given by emailing 
A waiver and health questionare must be read and signed before your first Crossfit session.          
Please note that the training fees already take into account public holidays and the Christmas/Easter break when the gym is closed, however we will normally hold special workouts during holiday periods

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